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Communication and Workspace
For companies that want to gather their communication under one roof and integrate all their tools under one app. No need to keep track of Facebook groups and many different apps.
Full chat with automatically updated groups and 1-1 communication.
News and message board to communicate important topics to the entire organization.
Connect all your internal tools directly into the app so your employees can easily access them.
Automatic synchronization of employees from HR systems (Workfeed, Planday, etc.)
Automatic groups that keep the right people together
For companies that want more confident and productive employees. The learning module gives you full access to our learning platform. It gives you a recognized tool for onboarding and training your employees, as well as access to our library of 375+ tailored courses.
Access to 375+ tailor-made hospitality courses
Drag & drop course builder
Quizzes and knowledge tests
Surveys and satisfaction surveys
Skills, insights and overview of employee skills
Advanced segmentation and reporting
In-depth onboarding into the platform, with individual training plans to get you started.
Talent upgrade
This package is an upgrade to your learning environment. You get advanced HR tools to manage 1-1 conversations, set and track goals for employees and staff groups, and build automated employee flows with calls for interviews, courses, etc.
Everything from learning
Plan and host 1-1's
Automate summons
Structured agenda and focus areas
Build individual employee training flows
Set development goals for employees and track them

Our customers see a difference


Longer employee retention


Increased sales on specific products


Fewer questions from employees

Integrate with your existing tools

Answers to frequently asked questions

Still in doubt? Here are a few quick facts about implementation, trial period and payment. But remember - we're here to make a difference in the industry, so if you have an idea or a request, please reach out!
How is Barma implemented?

When we start working with you, you will go through a mandatory onboarding Onboarding process ensures that you get a training platform that creates value for your employees with as little maintenance as possible.

The first step is to create a training plan. Here we figure out what and how much learning material the platform should contain, how much you need to create yourself and how much of ours you can use. We set up automatic assignments with deadlines so that users are automatically assigned content and notified when a course is due or past deadline.

The second step is to conduct superuser training for your key employees. Most of it takes place online on the Barma platform as a course, with a single online follow-up with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) - exactly how we want you to train your employees. Online training supplemented with physical follow-up! :-)

After that, you're good to go, but if something comes up, you're always welcome to reach out to your CSM!

How is Barma different to other workspace and learning companies in the industry?

Barma was created with a mission: to make hospitality workers more productive and confident. Our DNA and products are built on the principle that good onboarding and continuous training creates more engaged and skilled employees.

We don't just offer a learning platform. We don't just offer a communication platform.

With Barma, you get a complete learning and communication platform with access to over 375 courses at no extra cost. You can easily create your own courses with our intuitive drag & drop content builder, upload documents and handbooks, chat with your employees, create news posts on your own wall and much more. We even integrate into your roster so employees can see their schedule inside the app so they never have to go anywhere other than your own branded learning and communication universe.

In short, Barma is your all-in-one training and communication solution. We're not just a communication platform with the ability to upload manuals - we're much more than that.

Can I pay per month instead of per year?

Yes, it is possible to pay per month instead of per year. However, in order to offer this flexibility, we require your business to be financially sound. We want to work with you to find the best payment solution, so please contact us to find out if we can offer you a customized financing model.

Is it possible to get a free trial on your system?

Yes and no :-) Barma is so much more than just a learning platform and a communication platform, so we'd really like to show you around before we let you loose! But once we've shown you the platform, we'll give you your own demo user so you can see a few examples of what a few courses and handbooks could look like.

You can book your demo right here: Book Demo

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