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On-board your employees faster, let them communicate in groups and unify all your internal tools under one app.

We see noticeable results with our customers


Longer employee retention


Increased sales on specific products


Fewer questions from employees

Employee training

With Barma's training module, you get an all-in-one training platform for onboarding and ongoing employee training. The platform handles both online modules and physical courses so you get a complete overview of the employee's overall skill level.

Upload material or create courses from scratch with our intuitive course builder
Quiz and test your employees' knowledge
Free access to 375 tailored and certified hospitality courses

Workspace and communication

Forget about social media and emails your employees don't read. With the Barma employee hub, you get closer to your employees. Here, both managers and employees get a complete overview of all the latest news in your business, access to automatic chat groups for their departments, and one-to-one chats.

Overview of upcoming shifts, learning and company news in one view
One-on-one and automated group chats
Direct access to the shiftplanner from the app app.

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Your app, your branding

The app is tailored to you so it feels like your very own app.

You get your own logo, your own colors, and even have the option to download the app from app stores with your own icon

Smart integration makes it easy

We've made it easy to get started with Barma. We pull your employees directly from your HR system and create them in Barma. When an employee quits and is removed in the HR system, they automatically disappear in Barma - both from learning, news and the automatic chat groups. All you need to do is keep your employees updated in your HR system and Barma will do the rest!

Reduced the amount of training shifts needed from 4 to 1.5

“E-learning, in addition to the physical training, has resulted in more confident and productive employees from day one, and has reduced the amount of training shifts needed from 4 to 1.5. It has generally raised the level of our employees and we can't wait to use e-learning even more.”

From 30% attrition in the first weeks of employment to 0% with Barma!

“Before we introduced Barma, we saw 30% of new hires quit within the first few weeks. After implementing Barma, we've reduced that number to 0%.”

Jacob Niebuhr - CEO Dining Group,
former chairman DRC - Denmark's Restaurants & Cafés

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